Elaborate tools are used in injection molding which require regular cleaning. Screw tips, injection nozzles, static mixers and especially hot-runner systems require extremely reliable polymer removal. All thermal cleaning technologies from SCHWING guarantee such removal. Even sprayed over hot-runner distributors with complicated geometries and glass fiber contents can be cleaned gently and without residues of polymer and carbon remnants as well as inorganic contaminations.


Hot-runner before cleaning
Hot-runner after cleaning

Cleaning of nozzles, screw tips, and small parts

Hot-runner nozzles
Screw tips before/after

The gentle and repeatable cleaning of injection molding nozzles, screw tips, static mixers, etc. is an important factor for the injection molder as this ensures a long lifetime for these key production tools.

Depending on the type of polymer and design of the injection molding nozzle short cleaning times of only two to four hours can be achieved. Polymers are removed in a single step; the cleaned components can be quickly integrated again directly into the production process. Inorganic remnants are removed using a select after-treatment method (compressed air, glass shot-peening, etc.).


The COMPACTCLEAN cleaning system, for example, works in the temperature range from 400 °C to 470 °C during the cleaning process. COMPACTCLEAN is suited for nearly all plastics with the exception of halogenated materials such as PVC or PTFE, where the fluidized bed system INNOVACLEAN is used. The COMPACTCLEAN cleaning system eliminates any risk of thermal or mechanical damage to the injection molding parts.

Cleaning of hot-runners

Hot-runner before cleaning
Hot-runner after cleaning

Today’s use of hot-runner technology allows the injection molding of very complex and large components. However, the sometimes very long internal flow channels make manual cleaning impossible; the use of rinsing chemicals usually produces only inadequate results. For sprayed over hot-runners / hot-runner nozzles thermal cleaning is the only solution.


SCHWING offers the optimal thermal cleaning method for any hot-runner size or geometry:

  • INNOVACLEAN - Fluidized bed pyrolysis for all polymers
  • MAXICLEAN - Pyrolysis systems for extra large components
  • VACUCLEAN - Gentle but efficient vacuum pyrolysis

The advantages of these systems are their excellent cleaning quality within very short cleaning periods, their suitability even for glass fiber-reinforced materials and their cleaning technology that is easy on materials and the environment.

To enable us to respond to your questions or specific cleaning demands with custom-tailored information we ask you to please answer the interactive configuration questionnaire on the SCHWING homepage. Please use the inquiry form "Thermal Cleaning" for preparation and especially urgent requests.

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