Thermal cleaning in plastics production (polymer, masterbatch)

It is important to know for the perfect and highly efficient cleaning of tools and production equipment in polymer or master batch production which polymers are processed and which specific properties (process temperatures, percentage of inorganic pigments, etc.) are involved. Typical parts are e.g. pelletizing dies, die plates, breaker plates, filter changers, screen changers and other production tools.

SCHWING is known for the fact that the respective best and preferred thermal cleaning process is delivered for each polymer (including PEEK, PVC).


Uncleaned die plate
Perfectly cleaned die plate
Prior to cleaning
After cleaning

To enable us to respond to your questions or specific cleaning demands with custom-tailored information we ask you to please answer the interactive configuration questionnaire on the SCHWING homepage. Please use the inquiry form "Thermal Cleaning" for preparation and especially urgent requests.

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