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In case your own cleaning system is not a good economic investment, for over 30 years, and now at seven locations worldwide, SCHWING has been providing demand-optimized cleaning services, including the associated logistics services. For example, at this time more than 250,000 workpieces are now being cleaned each year at seven locations worldwide according to top quality and environmental standards and reintegrated into the production process of the customer.


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Quality + Safety + Environmental protection

Depending on the requirements, various cleaning and after-treatment systems are available for the complete removal of adherent polymers and inorganic residues: The SCHWING cleaning service offers cleaning modules with a chamber volume up to 15 m3 for single and assembled parts with a weight up to 5,000 kg (among others, film extrusion dies) and up to a length of six meters.

Especially sensitive or complex parts such as filters, spin nozzles, spin packs and hot runner tools are subjected to specially developed after-treatment processes after thermal cleaning.

By careful examination and microscopic inspection of the parts the quality of the cleaning results is determined and documented for the customer in a traceable manner.

Supply chain integration

Loading of a VACUCLEAN 1212
Photo: Loading of a VACUCLEAN 1212T

The SCHWING cleaning service responds particularly flexibly to the deadline requirements and production processes of the customers. SCHWING offers extremely short processing times in three-shift seven-days-a-week operation for single, disassembled, assembled or other complex tools.

Through precise scheduling of pick-up, cleaning and delivery services SCHWING ensures, in addition, the smooth integration of the cleaning processes in the operating flow of the customer.

To enable us to respond to your questions or specific cleaning demands with custom-tailored information we ask you to please answer the interactive configuration questionnaire on the SCHWING homepage. Please use the inquiry form "Thermal Cleaning" for preparation and especially urgent requests.

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