Customer-specific cleaning tests


At its corporate headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn (Germany) SCHWING offers the “SCHWING LAB+TECH CENTER” – a complete lab and processing pilot facility for specific tests and trial series with unique tool components and/or materials – to the development engineers and process technicians of its customers.

Customer-specific cleaning tests

Electrically or gas-heated (vacuum) pyrolysis, hydrolysis and fluidized bed systems with application temperatures up to 530 °C are available for trials of thermal cleaning of metal parts. In addition, the complete range of accessories such as tool-specific loading baskets, afterburner systems, after-treatment equipment (e.g. ultrasound) and devices for quality testing can be extensively examined and tested here.


Customers and interested parties are invited to bring their own parts and tools, contaminated with polymer, along. “Their” optimal cleaning method is determined with the help of our engineers and process technicians.

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