Thermal cleaning of metal parts and tools

Slideshow: All metal parts, all molds, all plastics.
Slideshow: All metal parts, all molds, all plastics.

SCHWING is the only manufacturer worldwide who offers all advanced thermal cleaning technologies for the removal of polymers and organic contaminations from metal tools and machine parts of any type and size. Whether using pyrolysis, hydrolysis, thermal decomposition under vacuum conditions or a thermal conversion process in a fluidized bed, SCHWING masters all methods to clean components without any residues:

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  • CLEAN: cleaned perfectly without carbon residues
  • QUICKLY cleaned and immediately returned to production
  • GENTLE on the part, tool and the environment
  • ECONOMICAL in terms of energy consumption and operation
  • SAFE through operation with intelligent controls


Beyond this, numerous customers from the international plastics and fiber industry have been trusting the application experience of SCHWING for over 20 years and have their tools and machine parts regularly cleaned at one of the seven SCHWING locations worldwide, instead of operating their own cleaning plant.


Learn more about the thermal cleaning systems from SCHWING:

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