Green cleaning solutions from Schwing Technologies

The well known thermal cleaning specialist will be exhibiting at the Chinaplas plastics trade fair in Guangzhou

[Translate to Englisch:] VACUCLEAN 1713

[Translate to Englisch:] Vakuumpyrolyse-System VACUCLEAN von Schwing Technologies

Neukirchen-Vluyn, 12.05.2017 (NL) - From 16-19 May, the international plastics industries will be coming together again at the Chinaplas show in Guangzhou, China. SCHWING Technologies will be exhibiting in Hall 5.1 Stand A13 at Chinaplas which is known as the largest plastics and rubber trade fair in the Asia-Pacific region. They will provide details about their energy efficient, cost-cutting and environmentally friendly systems for thermal cleaning. The German manufacturer of systems provides green cleaning solutions making them stand out as a highly successful international specialist for polymer removal. The company offers reliable and intelligent systems for all machine parts and tools from any plastic-producing industry, and has been involved in thermal cleaning since 1969.

The Chinese economic powerhouse has been turning its attention to environmental issues and actively tightening up its regulations. This has resulted in increasingly stringent environmental rules, higher energy costs and rising employee costs. Chinese businesses confirm the country is undergoing change with increase of efficiency required to maintain international competitiveness in the face of the more stringent environmental requirements and rising wage bills. At the same time, higher standards of quality are required to meet global market expectations.

Virgilio Perez Guembe, head of sales at SCHWING says: "We are experiencing greater than ever demand for clean, intelligent, “made-in-Germany” technologies. Our cleaning systems are entirely environmentally friendly and function without any added chemical substances or the use of triethylgallium TEG." Low-energy consumption also contributes to sustainability. Cleaned, reusable machine parts also mean manufacturing industries are able to reduce their production costs. For example, global prices for candle and disc filters have increased significantly in recent years and now undergo cleaning in the plastic processing industries to enable multiple reusage. "Take one of these filters which costs for example €200 – €500. They can be cleaned up to 60 times without any problem", explains Stephan Möllenbeck, a sales specialist and Asia expert at SCHWING. "It's a simple calculation. Costs are cut which also protects the environment." The German systems manufacturer SCHWING guarantees top quality and the removal of plastic from any metal part.

SCHWING will be exhibiting three green cleaning systems at Chinaplas:

  • The gentle VACUCLEAN vacuum pyrolysis system requires just electricity and water. This system is ideal for cleaning granulating spinnerets and packs, filter bundles, filter discs, film extrusion dies, extrusion screws, spin nozzles, melt-blown dies and spunbond dies.
  • The INNOVACLEAN fluidized bed pyrolysis system functions at high speed with no excess water or other waste products. It is suitable for almost all polymers including high-temperature polymers such as LCP, PEI, PPS, PI, as well as PVC and halogenated polymers such as PTFE. The system is ideal for cleaning die plates, screw elements, special profile dies, hot runner distributors, spin nozzles and assembled spin packs.
  • MAXICLEAN, a gas-fired pyrolysis oven cleans by thermal oxidation. The system is ideal for tools and parts such as heat exchangers, extrusion screws, large extrusion tools, granulating discs and hot runner Tools.

SCHWING also provides "Cleaning Shops", full turnkey cleaning centers ranging from dismantling through to thermal cleaning, afterburning and inspection. The company also offers cleaning services within Germany and enables customers to perform specific tests at Schwing's corporate headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn.

SCHWING Technologies GmbH

SCHWING Technologies has been operating since 1969 and is the worldwide market leader for high-temperature systems for thermal cleaning, thermo-chemical finishing and heat treatment of metal parts and tools. The owner-managed company constructs, manufactures and operates its systems at its headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn in Germany's Lower Rhine region. Built upon the achievements of German engineering, the medium-sized business is globally the best-known specialist in the removal of plastics. Among its around 2,500 international clients are companies from the plastics and fiber industries, as well as from the chemicals, metals and automobile sectors. With its 80-strong personnel, the company is equipped with the tools and systems for any cleaning need and delivers the best economy, ecology and quality. Schwing is also a reliable service partner for contract cleaning by cleaning more than 100,000 tools and parts each year to the highest environmental and qualitative standards. In the words of Ewald and Thomas Schwing, the two managing directors at Schwing Technologies, “So far, there has not been a single component that we have not been able to free from polymers and inorganic contaminants.”