Paint Stripping, Coating Removal

During the painting process not only the parts to be painted will be impregnated with varnish, but also aid parts and tools such as hooks, hangers, forks, chassis, frames and stencils. The excess of varnish coatings on these tools has to be eliminated at regular intervals in order to ensure a perfect coating on the parts to be painted.

Moreover, the stripping of defectuous production parts or the coat removal of heat exchangers among others, are effective possibilities to reduce the costs.

SCHWING cleans temperature resistant hooks, hangers and defectuous production parts by means of thermal cleaning. The adhering paint or rubber coatings or rests of food as from bake and sweet products will be eliminated from the parts by influence of heat and oxygen.

SCHWING’s thermal cleaning systems make a quick and thoroughly removal of all kinds of unwanted coatings possible. The energy efficient SCHWING pyrolysis equipment used for this purpose could be delivered in nearly any chamber dimension and will be adjusted to customer requirements as per the loading geometry. All these systems for paint stripping and coating removal are provided with a specially designed process control and a thermal off-gas cleaning.

A decisive advantage is that SCHWING’s customers receive a stripping and coating removal system with a specially designed process control, adjusted to your needs.

There are no additional costs in the thermal cleaning for the disposal of toxic sludge or used chemicals, in opposition to a chemical stripping and removal. All SCHWINGS systems are not only energy saving but also fulfil all environmental regulations.

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