Thermal Cleaning in the Extrusion

Demands on film and profiles are continually increasing. Regardless of whether flat or tubular film: they should be as thin and uniform as possible, optically appealing as well as robust and of high quality. The requirements on profiles, for example, for window frames and other construction elements, are increasing. These demands also increase the requirements for the production of profiles and film.

SCHWING supports film and profile manufacturers with reliable and economical cleaning solutions which facilitate the achievement of consistently perfect product quality. The systems from SCHWING clean sheet dies, die disks with filters, screen changers or extrusion screws completely from plastics of all types. Large parts such as blown film dies, screen changers or extrusion screws can also be cleaned without problems using SCHWING technologies; especially large and high-capacity systems are available for these applications.

Cleaning of film extrusion dies and sheet dies

The gentle and repeatable cleaning of sheet dies and film extrusion dies is an important quality factor in film production as this ensures a long lifetime for these key production tools.

Depending on the type of the polymer and the size or geometry extrusion tools cleaning can be performed without requiring disassembly. Polymers are removed in a single step. Inorganic remnants are removed using a select after-treatment method (for example, compressed air).

The VACUCLEAN cleaning system, for example, needs eight to 30 hours – depending on the product to be cleaned – for the cleaning process at temperatures between 430 °C and 480 °C. VACUCLEAN is principally suited for all film tools including chrome-plated surfaces. The cleaning system eliminates any risk of thermal or mechanical damage to the tools.

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