Plastic removal / Polymer removal

There has never been a part so far which we were not able to free completely from attached polymers and inorganic contaminations. Our systems and cleaning solutions are suitable for all polymers and plastics:

  • Polyolefins: PE, PP, PB, EVA, EVOH
  • Polyesters: PET, PBT, PC, PTT, PEN
  • Polyamides: PA6, PA6.6, PA12, PPA
  • Halogenated polymers: PVC, PTFE, PVDF
  • Polyacrylates: PAN, PBA, PMA, PMMA
  • Polystyrenes: PS, ABS, SB, SBS, SAN
  • Polysulfides: PPS, PSU, PES, PPSU
  • Biopolymers: PLA, PEA, PVAL, PPOX
  • Polyether ketones: PAE, PEK, PEEK
  • Polyimides: PI, PBI, PEI, PBO, PMI
  • Polyurethanes: PUR, TPA, TPO, TPU, Spandex
  • Special polymers: LCP, POM, BR, NBR

If "your" material is not listed here, contact our specialists or send us an e-mail.

Removal of paints and other organic coatings

The method of thermal cleaning is also recommended for the removal of varnishes and other organic coatings of metal parts of all sizes and geometries, for example, of coating tools, electric motors, ink tanks, adhesive pumps or printing suspension gears.

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