Thermal cleaning methods

With temperatures from approx. 430 °C organic substances (polymers/plastics) are decomposed into low temperature carbonization gas and carbon and removed in this manner from the tools and machine parts. This process is called pyrolysis. With thermal cleaning, the actual pyrolysis phase is followed by a thermal oxidation phase where the remaining carbon is completely removed.

The art consists of optimizing the cleaning process in regard to the sensitivity of the product to be cleaned, the cleaning quality, duration, safety, energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.

Here you find specific information on the removal of plastics and polymers.

Removal of plastics, paints and other coatings

SCHWING deliberately takes advantage of the individual cleaning processes, for example pyrolysis under vacuum or fluidized bed pyrolysis and combines them since more than 50 years of experience in thermal process control. This produces customized cleaning concepts for specific applications, tools and/or materials satisfying every customer.

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